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IT services

Let Zervicepoint do the heavy work by taking care of your Service Desk issues and automating boring manual IT processes. In return, you can level up on  service delivery to co-workers in your organisation. Roll your thumbs once a while.

HR services

Shape up your pre- on- and off-boarding process once and for all! Use automation to manage the entire process faster and with more ease. Let your people enjoy the perks of a frictionless workplace!

Customer stories

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"A few years back, a re-organization resulted in less resources and cost cuts. At the same time, we needed to increase our service level. The only option was Zervicepoint."
Susanna Frennemo
Vice President IT, Perstorp
"Back in the days, it took weeks to order a server and get it up and running.
Now it takes less than 20 minutes!"
Hans Falk
Automation & Robotics Manager, Södra
What’s the best thing about Zervicepoint?
The platform are limitless, it’s only our imagination that limits its use"
Aina Mattsson
Head of Client Outcome, IT Software
What’s the best thing about Zervicepoint?
"You can make your own integration using PowerShell"
Philip Haglund
Solution Architect, Omnicit
What’s the best thing about Zervicepoint?
"Being able to develop your own services with speed."
Rikard Rönnkvist
IT Architect, Trafikverket
What’s the best thing about Zervicepoint?
"The ability to easily develop your own modules towards a third-party system."
André Viebke
Lead Automation & Robotics, Södra

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Business automation

Why is E-signature needed and where?

One of our product partners Assently provides Zervicepoint and their users worldwide with a clever e-signature software solution. In short, e-signature is a method of

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