#20 Expedition Zervicepoint | Culture and innovation

What is required to build a sustainable organization, where employees choose to stay and where they can develop in an innovative environment? How can we make employees feel “this is the last company I will work for”?
In the next two episodes, we are privileged to be visited by Joakim Restadh from TIQQE. In this first part we get to know Joakim where he tells us, among other things, why sneakers are the best to wear, why a pizza oven should be in used in every household, the importance of taking a nice nap and what it was like to work on “the dark side “.
The second part of “Culture and innovation”, we will delve into culture and innovation – the symbiosis between them and how important it is that they exist within the organization. Joakim also shares his top 5 list of books to read.
We hope you’ll find these episodes interesting!
[02:30] How’s life at the moment?
[03:40] Who is Joakim Restadh?
[08:10] Personal questions
[18:00] The history of Joakim Restadh
[28:40] The decision of what to do in life
[36:10] Being part of an enterprise
[40:00] Leaving Enfo/Connect

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