#21 Expedition Zervicepoint | Culture and innovation part 2

What is required to build a sustainable organization, where employees choose to stay and where they can develop in an innovative environment? How can we make employees feel “this is the last company I will work for”?
This is part two of the session with Joakim Restadh from TIQQE. In this part we get to hear more about who TIQQE are and how they, as an organization, choose to actively work with the combination of culture and innovation.
But not only that. Joakim also shares his top 5 list of books worth reading. So, this episode is a “must”!
Joakim’s top 5 books
[02:00] What is TIQQE?
[09:30] What can we do to make sure that this is the last company you work for?
[14:00] The definition of culture
[21:50] The definition of innovation
[24:30] How does culture and innovation work together?
[39:20] Top 5 books to read!

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