#23 Expedition Zervicepoint | Who takes ownership of the product?

Is it possible to build a sustainable product without a traditional product owner? 🤔

This episode is a continuation of the previous one where we are checking in; where are we today? As usual with Anna, Rickard and Erik, we stop at certain specific topics to dive into the very best of these goodies.

An interesting topic they choose to talk a little bit more about is how to build a product, and a solid product intention without a classic product owner. Because, we have chosen to create a democratic team where everyone has their own ideas and visions, so we later on can build the best product that we can.

We also make a shorter presentation of our new employee, Alexander, who goes straight into our sales and marketing team and will be responsible for our partners. There will be an upcoming episode where you will of course get to know him better.

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