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#25 Expedition Zervicepoint | We’re creating a people’s portal

It’s week 58 in the life of Zervicepoint and we are currently in the prototyping phase of creating a portal aiming at HRs – pre-and onboarding processes. Wouldn’t it be great if it was smoother for the HR department and HR managers to follow a workflow when hiring a new colleague? There’s a lack of such tools and services in today’s market and Zervicepoint has proven to be great in that context, so why not create a nice little Zervicepoint flavor?

In the creation of a new product, we need to go through all the different phases, which puts us as people to a test. Now more than ever it is crucial to cooperate, encourage different perspectives, and leave everyone’s thoughts equally open. Maybe someone is a real ‘doer’ who just wants to get started, while another wants to spend more time on analysis. How do we perform with different personalities in a team?

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