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7 Tips for Creating a Perfect Preboarding

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What is preboarding?

Preboarding is a process that occurs before onboarding. Preboarding starts when an employment contract is created and ends when the employee begins their first day at work.

What are the benefits of successful preboarding?

A successful preboarding experience makes the employee feel welcomed and appreciated. Creating a positive first impression is crucial for the employee to feel confident in their decision and increases the likelihood of being productive more quickly.

Imagine the impression an employer would make on you as a new employee if you didn’t have to do anything yourself. Everything is organized and ready when you start your first day at work.

4% of new hires resign due to a disastrous first day at work.

22% of resignations occur within the first 45 days, costing the company at least three times the previous employee’s salary.

Best tips for a successful preboarding

1. Digital Employment Contract

It’s crucial to digitize and automate various steps in the preboarding process. By creating a digital employment contract, you can have pre-filled fields and with eas make necessary changes when needed. The digital form also facilitates the exchange of information between different systems, eliminating lengthy administrative processes.

2. Digital Signatures

Don’t complicate the process of signing a contract. Signing an employment contract using e-signatures is not a new concept. However, it saves time and creates a positive impression for the employee.

3. Add the Employee to All Systems

Automating the process of adding employees to various systems offers significant benefits. Most organizations utilize multiple systems, and logging in and entering information is time-consuming. Therefore, invest in a platform or portal that integrates with existing systems.

4. Order Equipment and Flowers

We’ve all experienced workplaces where we had to wait for days or even weeks for a computer or mobile phone to arrive. Therefore, preparation and ensuring the essentials are in place from the first day is crucial. Ensure the computer and mobile phone are ordered and pre-installed with the necessary applications. Additionally, have flowers and welcome packages ready on the employee’s desk.

5. Prepare the Employee

Some workplaces overlook the importance of preparing new employees for what lies ahead. They wait until the last minute to communicate the start time or fail to provide essential information.

Allow the individual to familiarize themselves with the team before day one, fostering a sense of comfort and inclusion. If possible, grant access to email and the calendar a week before their start date. This way, the new employee can receive welcome emails from team members and other important information before their first day.

6. Schedule a Team Lunch

The new employee must integrate into the team. Avoid situations where the employee feels left out or unneeded.

Book a team lunch so they get to know the new hire as early as possible.

7. Prepare a Tour and Schedule Meetings

It is essential not only for the new employee to acclimate to the company but also for the company to make the employee productive as quickly as possible. Schedule meetings with people in the organization so the employee can get a clearer picture of the company and their role. Additionally, prepare a tour of the workplace to make the employee feel more comfortable and familiar with the envirement.

Final words

At Zervicepoint, we have automated several processes in our preboarding using our platform, and we welcome you to contact us for more information on how we have done it and what it takes to succeed with automation. Remember to set up a checklist for your preboarding process, and don’t forget the importance of making a great first impression. By following these tips, you can help ensure your new employees have a successful start at your company. Please share your experiences with preboarding in the comments section below.