About us

Our vision

Better everyday life for everyone

Zervicepoint helps you create frictionless workdays. We empower people to automate recurring tasks and discover new ways to create business processes for a sustainable workplace.

In turn giving everybody at the workplace more time to do what they’re hired for.

Our team

We are Zervicepoint

We are an awesome team consisting of great entrepreneurs, skilled developers and creative marketers.

What is common to all of us is that we truly believe in what we do. We want to make your workday friction free!

Do you want to get to know us better? Read our team contract, which contains the cornerstones in our way of working and common values.

developer by day, master chef by night

'B-W' Bergqvist Wingren

ceo +
Coach aim to be awesome

Rickard Lööf

master developer & whisky evangelist

Björn 'Holmgren'

chief maracas officer + pottering

Anna-licious Claesson

Growth hacking & golfing

Mathias 'Blomman' Blomkvist

content creation + songwriting

'P-son' Persson

developer + calisthenics

'Eror' Oresten

Dev ops + snow-surfing

Daniel Svensson

product designer / Pro Doodler + 🐕

Liza Eriksson

partner to our partners + pro drummer

'BBQ' Burman

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