Visma Spcs automates for their employees

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when improving the user experience for your employees? The answer is to keep a close eye on their internal processes. This is what Visma Spcs have done, which in turn simplifies everyday life for its employees. Together we become strong. With that phrase, Visma Spcs […]

#zervicepointnews | April

Values and challenges of automating manual work for Visma Spcs We had the honor to talk with Carl-Fredrik Lund and Daniel Magnusson from Visma Spcs about their experience of Zervicepoint and automation. For one hour, Erik had the opportunity to capture the very best from their organization’s perspective. In the first part of this three-part series, Carl-Fredrik and Daniel is sharing their five most […]

#43 Code Cookie Of The Week | Top 5 ordered services w/ VISMA SPCS

An exclusive session with one of our freshest customers! đŸ’„ We have had the honor to talk with Carl-Fredrik Lund and Daniel Magnusson from VISMA SPCS about their experience of Zervicepoint and automation. For one hour, Erik had the opportunity to capture the very best from their organization’s perspective. This is part one of a […]

#zervicepointnews | March

Visual Design Updates In the latest release (1.29.2851) we made a handful of changes to our User Web. Here are some of the changes; Fancy menu icons & hover styles Updated button style (distinguishing button vs tab) and includes a secondary button Design improvements to My Profile, Delegation pages and Order pages Improvements to modal […]

#zervicepointnews | February

Automation Calculator Zervicepoint’s purpose is to create a friction-free workday. Now, we’ve made it possible to quickly and easily find out how much your organization saves on automating your manual processes.  All you have to do is choose which process you want to calculate, pull a couple of sliders based on which process you have chosen, […]

Zervicepoint Update! | Redesign Admin Landing Page

Zerviepoint Update! is back! We are happy to announce that our admin web landing page has gotten a face lift. This improvement comes with multiple new features, like Most Time Efficient, Most Popular Services and Number Of Orders. For you who’s worried that the good ol’ audit feed is gone, we can tell you this; […]

#zervicepointnews | January

Knowledge Base goes Zervicepoint Docs For quite some time now, we have been using Confluence as our document library – Zervicepoint Knowledge Base. Everything has an end and we always want to make it better for everyone who works with Zervicepoint. That is why we have moved all the relevant documentation to our new library – Zervicepoint Docs. This is […]

#zervicepointnews | December

Digital Zervicepoint Summit 2020 🚀 Zervicepoint Summit is over for this time! 🚀  First of all, we would like to thank everyone who chose to spend this afternoon with us. You are the one who enables us to continue to develop our product, and in that way help organizations around the world to automate and create friction-free […]

Zervicepoint Update! | Grouped Activity

In this episode of Zervicepoint Update! we show a function that has been in the product since version 1.20. It is so useful and valuable that we need to highlight it once again! đŸ€˜đŸœ The function we are talking about is of course Grouped Activity. In short, this feature allows you to put together a […]