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Automate your internal product management

Companies waste too much time on product management. Ordering a new phone or computer shouldn’t take away time for the IT-department. The solution is automation!

The magic of the automated content update process – stay in your hammock!

For many businesses, keeping up with the latest technology demands immediate access to the latest hardware. Many companies are using a hardware supplier with a vast range of products and they are getting new models and retire old ones at a fast pace. Several of our customers are already devoted automation believers and use Zervicepoint for hardware ordering purposes.

Although the ordering process is running smooth, there is still a large amount of work for the IT-department to manually update the hardware services in the Zervicepoint portal with things like new laptop models, prices and different hardware specifications constantly coming from their hardware supplier. If this isn’t up to date, your users will most certainly bother your IT staff daily with questions like “When can I order the latest iPhone?”, “Is this laptop really equipped with just 256 GB SSD hard drive?”.

With the Zervicepoint product catalogue plug-in, all you need is a one-time configuration and then you’re good to go. This plug-in includes many features like customizable attributes and the possibility to schedule the product sync or use a service to trigger it. We have also included a couple of so called “template services” and example scenarios to introduce the thought behind the catalogue mechanism. This gives you an even quicker set-up. Now many of our customers gets an freshly synched updated hardware product catalogue, with up-to-date prices and retired models no longer available to order – without any work effort at all from their IT-department!

And it gets even better – of course it doesn’t have to be hardware product catalog. With this plug-in you can sync and publish ANY product catalogue from a supplier that supports publishing their catalogue in standard format. Could be office supplies, photo equipment or why not even fruit baskets? Your portal users will thank you for making their everyday life ordering so easy.