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Week #6 | Do what you love

Do you love what you’re doing? Do you love your work? In this week’s episode we’re discussing work being something you love, or something you


Week #4 | Animals and values

In this week’s episode we’re talking about the highs and lows from the past week in Team Zervicepoint. We’re also digging into how to create

Business automation

Why do so many fail at digitalization?

Digitalization is a huge change for many organizations, and we are constantly misled in what it’s all about. In the technical hype we are all part


Week #3 | Moving out

We’re moving out digitally, mentally, and physically! Listen to what we are saying about our chaotic every-day-life right now. Everything needs to happen at the


Week #1 | We are free

Are we naive? We are in week 1 of our expedition and it is really starting to take off. It’ s now very important to be on our toes, in every step we take.


Week #0 | The Beginning

Meet Team Zervicepoint with friends in our adventure to build a new company. Join us to see what’s happening at the moment and when we open-hearted share our failures and success. Happiness is mixed with frustration and a will to change the world, where we believe nothing is impossible.