Zervicepoint Update! | Redesign Admin Landing Page

Zerviepoint Update! is back! We are happy to announce that our admin web landing page has gotten a face lift. This improvement comes with multiple new features, like Most Time Efficient, Most Popular Services and Number Of Orders. For you who’s worried that the good ol’ audit feed is gone, we can tell you this; […]

Zervicepoint Update! | Grouped Activity

In this episode of Zervicepoint Update! we show a function that has been in the product since version 1.20. It is so useful and valuable that we need to highlight it once again! 🤘🏽 The function we are talking about is of course Grouped Activity. In short, this feature allows you to put together a […]

Zervicepoint Update! | Version Control

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were be able to go back to older Zervicepoint changes and actually be able to use them? You can, and in this Zervicepoint Update! we’ll show you how 😎 Not only that you take advantage of old changes, but you can now easily work in test services by saving […]

Zervicepoint Update! | Person LookUp

Now, we launch a concept where we present new updates in the product! Still the same name, but the content differs. A shorter and more concise presentation of the new feature. In this clip we showcase our plugin – Person LookUp. In short, we can now automatically populate fields with personal data. Via a web […]

Can you host a virtual Housewarming Party in a corporate world?

And so the day finally arrived and we were about to try our perfect market fit wings and fly out in the corporate world. We wanted to make more people experience what it is like to have a friction-free workday by automating recurring tasks in their organization and take our SaaS solution Zervicepoint to the […]

#1 in business automation and digitalization

In today’s digitalization we are misled to focus on the technology instead of the value it brings, which makes us focus on the things, and not on the people. What is the number one thing in business automation, and also probably the hardest, if you want to excel at creating an awesome customer or employee experience that […]

Why do so many fail at digitalization?

Digitalization is a huge change for many organizations, and we are constantly misled in what it’s all about. In the technical hype we are all part of, which fills the spotlight with new wonders and possibilities, we are all made to believe that it’s only a technical revolution happening. https://youtu.be/AOW-0Mwf8M8 Click here for some digital candy […]

Why should you provide for a DIY experience?

Today, employee experience has become as important as customer experience, if you want to be a competitive employer. Why is it important to provide for a DIY experience in everything from your service and products to your customers, to what you actually offer your employees? What are the biggest pitfalls and how can you avoid them? […]

Get your priorities straight, then automate

What should be automated and what shouldn’t be automated, that is the question. What should be prioritized and where does one start? Don’t worry, we have practical tips for you. Grab a cup and let’s begin.  https://youtu.be/wxxgv58gJrU Click here for digital candy We have a saying “Get your priorities straight, THEN automate”. So before you start […]