Södra’s employee experience

Södra is Sweden’s largest forest-owner association, with 51,000 forest owners as its members. Södra is also an international forest industry Group, with operations based on processing its members’ forest products. The operations are based on responsible forestry and on industries where Södra convert the raw material into sawn timber, paper and dissolving pulp, and green […]

The automated employee onboarding process – Södra skogsägarna

The company Södra skogsägarna struggled with time-consuming onboarding processes for new employees. With Zervicepoint’s automated platform they simplified their processes and saved both time and money! The automated On-boarding process Södra Skogsägarna with around 3500 employees and a growth of the organisation which isn’t decreasing, hiring a new person is not always easy and it […]

What automated order processing did for Länsstyrelsen

Länsstyrelsen is a large organization where there are a lot of meetings. Meetings in Sweden require lot of treats – ‘fika’. With help from automation in Zervicepoint, ordering fika to survive a meeting is no longer a problem. The ‘fika service’ Länsstyrelsen is the governments representative in each county in Sweden. A large and distributed […]

Transforming HR through self-service

Södra skogsägarna’s human resource department (HR) receives requests and bookings from their 3500 employees, which today is time-consuming due to manual work. Zervicepoint’s self-service portal makes it possible to integrate with Södra’s existent HR systems. Therefore, the process could be automated and Södra’s HR department can now spend their time on something more important. The […]

Perstorp’s inspiring success story

Perstorp IT has automated over 200 processes in order to become a modern and available IT-service workplace. The implementation of Zervicepoint, called “+Portal” at Perstorp, has decreased the pressure on Service Desk and cut personnel costs by two full time positions. Now, members of the entire organization can also use more of their time to add […]

Helping Norwegian Peoples Aid improve processes in Self-Service

The humanitarian solidarity organization, Norwegian People’s Aid has chosen Zervicepoint to slim-line its processes with self-service. As a first step, 500 users will be applied globally. “To select Zervicepoint and the newly launched feature shared processes Norwegian people´s aid will quickly gain a high value and ease the maintenance of the services offered to the […]