Digital trends come and go – but everyday work still remains


In this part two of the blog series we will examine the practical insight on automation and how you take advantage of it in smaller chunks to make it irresistible and relevant for your organization. We know that digital trends come and go but how will you tackle the every day work that still remains and take advantage of the ongoing automation and digitalization trend?

Automation is the big thing that will affect common business tasks tremendously and force to re-imagine the way we work. For the next decades, it will be all about automation. The classic departments HR, finance and IT will have to re-invent themselves to find out what they will actually do when more than half of your time spent is automated. What would your department or organization do if you suddenly have more than half of your time to do something else? Before getting to that point where you will have to figure that out, there are some keys to get there faster.


Automation shouldn’t be a big project

It’s very easy to get caught up in big AI projects, or whatever the latest trend is, that you tend to forget the everyday work which should be automated in the first place. The things that actually affect the people the most, not only your business, every single day. It all comes down to achieve a Lean approach to daily work, which is to think that daily work isn’t as important as improving daily work.

When you have figured that out and made it a weekly routine, then you can sprinkle automation on top of that and magic happens. Then to be able to sign off your automation project your alarm clock should be ringing loud and clear, if you need to start a big project every time you want to improve something. Another alarm should go off if your business tools require a project every time you would like to automate your business. The thing is, it should be so easy it can be done by the one person actually doing the work itself.


Make automation part of your improvement routine

A second thing about the “AI project” trend that is running, is that you tend to miss your own improvements that might not look as sexy due to the latest trends. Don’t forget to deep dive in your own business pains before you pick up on ongoing trends. It could be that you are still running your business with multiple paper forms or PDFs that should be printed for approval, that could be digitalized and automated. For an additional read; Check out what Södra did to create a pleasant on-boarding and recruiting experience for their managers and employees here. A jewel in the Crown for Södra. They solved their every-day pains in smaller parts and with hands-on automation and not with a big AI project. Again, not everything is, or should be, a “big AI project”.



Don’t put a label on the work you automate!

When you have found your areas to automate, it’s easy to get caught up in what’s valuable work and what’s work that certain people don’t like. Putting labels and defining value in different types of work is risky. Hence, we should always look into our daily work and check if it gives the organization value or not, so the value discussion should always be top of mind. The label of fun or boring work is something that should be left to the individual to reflect and decide upon. So, when talking about why you are automating parts of your business, it’s easier to start off, from a value driven perspective of the organization and then labelling the work from an individual perspective.

So, go out and start doing the hands-on actions of improving your daily work. Then start off a big AI project when you run out of daily work to improve. Simple as that.


About the author:

Rickard works at Enfo as Head of Zervicepoint. We in team Zervicepoint want to bring out the heart in every organization and create a friction-free work-day for as many people as possible. Our aim is to revolutionize business automation and we want to make it as easy as one click.