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Employee onboarding with Visma Spcs – 3 Episodes

We have had the honor to talk with Carl-Fredrik Lund and Daniel Magnusson from VISMA SPCS about their experience of Zervicepoint and automation. For one hour, Erik had the opportunity to capture the very best from their organization's perspective.

Top 5 ordered services

This is part one of a three-part series, where Carl-Fredrik and Daniel share their five most used Zervicepoint services at VISMA SPCS. In the next two episodes, they go deeper into their challenges in automation and talk more about what their onboarding process looks like. Stay tuned!

Biggest challenge in automation

This is part two of the session together with Carl-Fredrik Lund and Daniel Magnusson from VISMA SPCS 😎

In this episode, Erik delves into their biggest challenges in automation. Among other things, he finds out why the Teddy Bear service is so important to VISMA, who makes the decisions about which processes to automate and how much time it takes for them to create services in Zervicepoint.

0:30 – Which process has been the hardest to automate?
3:05 – What has been most technically challenging?
4:10 – What is your next process to automate?
5:05 – Carl-Fredrik is showing the Teddy Bear Service
9:50 – Who decides what’s up for digitalization?
11:20 – How long does it take to build a new service?
12:45 – Which features in Zervicepoint impresses you?
14:35 – Which features do you wish existed?
17:40 – What have you learned from our community?
19:30 – Which one of the Code Cookies is your favorite?
21:20 – What would you like to see in the Code Cookies?

The automated onboarding process

Visma Spcs value their employees – that’s why they’re automating their onboarding process!

This is the last part of the rewarding meeting with Daniel and Carl-Fredrik at Visma Spcs.

We dive into their HR process and learn about how they automated a bunch of manual processes, leaving them and their colleagues more time to focus on their core offering.

Do you work within HR and want to know more about how we can help your organization? Read more about how we work with automating HR processes.