New features! Nov 20

Key Authentication It’s finally here! You no longer need ADFS for your ProvisioningSystem. Instead you can go to the Worker Authentication in your Admin Web and generate a key ✌️ Click here to know how you set it up! Line Break We have now made it possible to toggle line breaks in the form editor. Previously, if you […]

Launching a new installation experience!

A new installation experience We have now replaced our new installer with a completely new installation experience! With this new experience it’s now easier than ever to install- or upgrade your Zervicepoint to get all the new features and improvements. Here’s some of the highlights; Full user interface – no need for a cmd file to launch it […]

New features! May 19

Default Variables This new feature makes it possible to set default values directly when creating variables and you can easily manage the values of the variable without any unnecessary code. To see all the feature videos go to our Youtube channel in the ‘What´s New List’ Administration button Tired of using the cogwheel to locate the service that […]

Zervicepoint Update! 26th of April


HEY, YOU! Yes, you. On the 26th of April we’re having a 10 minutes livestream where we will talk about one of our latest features – the PDF Automator. Click on the link to get to the stream or set a reminder. Don’t forget to make it auto-magic!

New features! Dec 6

We´ve spruced up our release process with some flashy feature videos, as we really like to be in the forefront of how we serve content to you in a delicate way. So, treat yourself delight, with some popcorn & soda and enjoy our newly released features! The latest release contains some real good stuff and […]

Federation with Azure, view installed version and more in the latest release!

Summer is coming and it is getting hot outside. We are cranking up the temperature some more with a smoking hot new release of Zervicepoint packed with awesome features. Now with the possibility to let your users login with their O365/Azure Active Directory account by configuring your store to use Azure Active Directory as an […]

A new user interface!

Check out the revamped UI! Rolling out great features and special details, because the user is the superhero. Enjoy!

Zervicepoint 1.17 now released!

Rejoice! Work on the new user interface is now complete. In Zervicepoint 1.17 we have added the last pieces of functionality. Check out the revamped shopping cart, table pages and the novel Favorite services feature. Zervicepoint 1.17 Favorite services Having a hard time finding your most commonly used services? With the new favorite service feature shipping […]

Zervicepoint 1.16 and new Plugins!

Ladies and Gents we have news. Lighten up the gloomy winter days with some fresh features in Zervicepoint 1.16 as well as two brand new Plugins and three freshly updated! Support for file attachments in the Send E-mail activity In this release of Zervicepoint it is now possible to include file attachments in the Send e-mail activity. […]