Federation with Azure, view installed version and more in the latest release!

Summer is coming and it is getting hot outside. We are cranking up the temperature some more with a smoking hot new release of Zervicepoint packed with awesome features. Now with the possibility to let your users login with their O365/Azure Active Directory account by configuring your store to use Azure Active Directory as an identity provider.

Zervicepoint 1.18

Federation with Azure Active Directory for end user login

More and more companies are choosing to move parts of their infrastructure to the cloud to utilize cloud services. The cloud is becoming mainstream and with this release of Zervicepoint we are taking the next step on our cloud journey by introducing the option to federate authentication of your end users to Azure Active Directory for your Zervicepoint stores.

If you are already a customer and would like to learn more about how to get started with Azure AD and Zervicepoint you can read more in our Knowledge base here:  Login to Zervicepoint with Azure.

Azure AD federation

Automatic update of trusted token signing thumbprints from federation metadata endpoints

No longer do you have to go through the hassle of updating trusted issuers in Zervicepoint when your ADFS token signing certificates have expired. When a federation metadata endpoint is configured for a Zervicepoint store, Zervicepoint will periodically check for changes in token signing thumbprints published at the endpoint and then automatically update trusted issuers for the store. This is done every 24h when a user logs in. It is also possible to force a metadata check from within the administration web when updating a store.

Changed behavior for read-only fields in New UI

Now, values in read-only fields will be submitted, which means that you can use them in workflows and other forms.

Support for custom logo in new UI

The possibility to customize the look and feel of Zervicepoint by changing the logo in the new UI has been much requested. We have listened and now delivered. You change the logo, just as for the old UI, when editing a store under the Theme settings.

Change logo

Installed version of Zervicepoint can now be seen from the Administration web

Easily check which version of Zervicepoint you are running by browsing to the administration web. You will find the version in the upper left corner.

Zervicepoint version

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