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[GUIDE] Successful Onboarding of New Employees


Our guide on successful onboarding of new hires will assist you in creating a fun, innovative, and seamless introduction. Discover all the tips, tools, and templates you need to effectively welcome and integrate new employees into your company in no time!

Time to Leave the Old Ways Behind

Perhaps you’ve experienced it – an onboarding filled with paperwork, time-consuming setups, multiple systems, and passwords. As a new hire, you might not have received the support needed to get started.

In a modern onboarding approach, many of these tasks would be automated or at least digitized. The time saved can be invested in supporting new hires, ensuring they have the best start possible.

How can you introduce new employees to the company in a more successful, efficient, and even enjoyable manner? Read on to find out!

Successful Onboarding Puts People First

Let’s be honest – the traditional onboarding process can be tedious, and everyone wants to get it over with quickly. This is because the focus is on tasks, not people.

Research suggests that human interaction is key to successful onboarding. A well-executed introduction will make new hires feel welcome and involved from day one.

A great way to welcome new employees is by organizing a welcome activity. It doesn’t have to be grand; just ensure you celebrate their first day and make their integration into the team smooth.

New Employee Onboarding Template

To make things easier, we’ve crafted a new employee onboarding template for you to download and use. Your onboarding plan should include a mix of practical tasks for the employee to read or complete. It’s also an opportunity to include documents about company benefits, policies, and more. Remember, colleagues and the team play a crucial role in the onboarding process.

Note that all fields in the template are adjustable, allowing you to tailor it to your industry and organization.

New Employee Onboarding Template

Download the complete template

New Employee Onboarding Checklist

Checklists can be a straightforward way to track who does what during onboarding. Use the checklist as a foundation, but don’t forget to add steps to create a unique onboarding experience reflecting your company’s culture and values.

Onboarding New Employees – Company-Wide

  • Take photos and order name badges, business cards, etc.
  • Provide uniforms (if necessary)
  • Discuss benefits:
    • Healthcare and insurance
    • Mobile plans
    • Company car
    • Company bonds/shares
    • Bonuses
    • Discounts and perks
    • Training sessions
  • Review company policies and procedures:
    • Vacation/leave
    • Remote work
    • Sick leave
    • Safety guidelines
    • Data security
  • Book meeting rooms
    Discuss a “typical” workday:
    • Working hours
    • Breaks
    • Lunch options

Onboarding New Employees – Office Tour

  • Office tour:
    • Restrooms/showers
    • Kitchen
    • Cafeteria
    • Balcony
    • Meeting rooms
    • Emergency exits
    • Office supplies
  • Introduce new hires to all teams/departments
  • Schedule meetings with colleagues and managers from other departments
  • Organize a welcome activity for new hires with the team
  • Assign a work buddy or mentor to assist new hires during their initial days or weeks.

Onboarding New Employees – Workplace

  • Review how to use:
    • Printers
    • Kitchen appliances (coffee machine, etc.)
    • Video conferencing tools
  • Introduce the company’s online channels:
    • Intranet
    • Email
    • Chat
    • Company website
    • Shared drives
  • Schedule a meeting with IT to:
    • Set up computers and mobile phones
    • Review necessary tools and software
    • Discuss IT security and guidelines
  • Product demo (if relevant)

Regain Control with Automation

Automation is the best way to streamline the onboarding process for your employees. With automation software, you can eliminate manual checklists and forms.

Benefits of Automating the Onboarding Process:

  • Reduces paperwork
  • Eliminates redundant information
  • Enhances oversight and control
  • Boosts productivity
  • Removes manual checklists
  • Avoids security risks


With an automated onboarding process, new hires can spend less time on paperwork and more time understanding the organization’s values, exploring the workplace, and getting to know their colleagues.

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