#43 Code Cookie Of The Week | Top 5 ordered services w/ VISMA SPCS

An exclusive session with one of our freshest customers! 💥 We have had the honor to talk with Carl-Fredrik Lund and Daniel Magnusson from VISMA SPCS about their experience of Zervicepoint and automation. For one hour, Erik had the opportunity to capture the very best from their organization’s perspective. This is part one of a […]

#42 Code Cookie Of The Week | SQL Injection

SQL Injection is one of the most common ways in the hacker world when it comes to managing input data. By sending input data, in the form of special characters to a database, you can, for example, bypass login information or just manipulate data. In this Code Cookie Erik, with the help of Zervicepoint, shows […]

#41 Code Cookie Of The Week | Playig with possible .NET SDK

Would a .NET SDK be useful? In this weeks cookie, Erik is looking at how a .NET SDK could work and look by creating a dropdown to search for groups in Azure. Disclaimer! ⚠️ This is just experimental so far! https://youtu.be/1KdOosGkG4k

#40 Code Cookie Of The Week | ForEach Loop

This is a continuation of Code Cookie no. #38, where Erik shows you how to work with json variables. In this extension, Erik goes deeper and shows HOW you can actually use json variables in practical examples. Very smooth and useful 🤩 https://youtu.be/L3TRclX5Yiw

#39 Code Cookie Of The Week | A quick look at TopDesk

ONE automation platform, together with ONE ITSM tool, all in ONE – the best of both worlds. Are you and your organization also looking for a tool that can solve all the digital problems and challenges you’re facing? Then, it’s time to rethink. Instead, look for tools and services that can talk to each other, […]

#38 Code Cookie Of The Week | Working with JSON variables

You know that uncomfortable feeling when you have to work with objects and arrays, but do not really know where to start. Erik says “No more”. In this video, Erik is showing you how to serialize your form into a JSON object, in a smooth and easy way. Jump in! 🙏🏽 https://youtu.be/VrnAKHpZOe0

#37 Code Cookie Of The Week | Debounce

Is Erik shooting some hoops? 🤔 Of course, he’s not. He’s demonstrating the Debounce function using JavaScript. Quiet useful! Check it out 🙏🏽 https://youtu.be/wz8jr-55Fpc

#36 Code Cookie Of The Week | Printing a form

What’s up, biscuits?! This week’s Code Cookie is kind of short and sweet. Erik is showing you how to print a form, using a Zervicepoint service. So, grab a bite and join him! 🥠 https://youtu.be/2ZJaBw0jBps

#35 Code Cookie Of The Week | Södra Automation Experiences

This week we offer a slightly different Code Cookie! Erik sits down with André Viebke and Ellinor Danielsson from Södra Skogsägarna, where they talk about their challenges and strengths regarding automation! Södra has come a long way in their automation journey and we really want to call them role models. The only right thing you […]