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Boost Productivity and Employee Satisfaction by automating repetitive tasks. Don't let manual HR processes hold you back. Embrace automation with Zervicepoint and unlock a new era of HR efficiency.
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Employee lifecycle services in one place

Isn't it time to ramp up the experience at work for your employees? By offering them all services connected to their work-life and your office in one place, it's possible with Zervicepoint!

It all starts with the selection process. Trigger the workflow by integrating the recruitment tool with Zervicepoint via API.


Create and send employment contracts with e-signing, manage approvals, create accounts, inform the payroll system, etc.


Offer a marketplace with services, equipment, welcome gifts, introductory program and make sure the new workplace is equipped and ready for the new employee.

Competence management

Integrate and share data with the competence management system. Approve new courses, add permissions, send notifications, etc.

Employee benefits

Add the company’s employee benefits in the workflows. Apply for vacations, order company cars, cottage booking, and much more.


Make it as smooth as possible to terminate accounts and permissions, return the equipment, inform the payroll system, etc.

"Back in the days, it took weeks to order a server and get it up and running.
Now it takes less than 20 minutes!"
Hans Falk
Hans Falk
Automation & Robotics Manager, Södra

Most asked questions

With Zervicepoint, it is possible to integrate with any API-based system. Create automated HR services using pre-made or custom integrations.

Zervicepoint is very flexible and and have several areas of use. For instance, you can create a self-service portal where you offer hardware and automated services. Managers can use it to onboard new hires. IT can use it as a lightweight ITSM.

The Zervicepoint platform is a modern, web-based, responsive platform that consolidates all business processes into one single place. Use it on any device and wherever you are in the world.

Deploy Zervicepoint as you wish. Choose between on-premise, hybrid, and cloud. Also, All options are highly secure.

The Zervicepoint self-service portal is highly scalable and enables organizations to move quickly. Build a modern, secure and productive workplace. ​

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It’s easy to get creative. Start sketching out your new services using drag-and-drop. Create user-friendly forms instantly. Use example services, plugins, and tutorials to get up to speed quickly. Service developers  can conveniently re-use components.

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