Automated HR services

Manage pre-boarding, onboarding, off-boarding, employee benefits and HR workflows in one place.

Hello there, smooth employment

Pre-boarding, on-boarding & offboarding

Even if you have tons of manual HR-processes in different excel-sheets or your system flora looks somewhat like the diverse flora and fauna of Asia, you can always regain control of your processes with Zervicepoint.

Start small and clean up the mess where you want to. Create transparent, self-served processes for the entire organisation. Use a single point for your Pre- On- and Off-boarding and send data to other HR-systems you use. Create a smooth experience for the people you hire for real.

While you are away

Vacation, tools and expenses services

Hey there, stressed out Manager! Treat yourself and your co-workers with automated self-services and let loose. Zervicepoint takes care of the work while you are relaxing by the pool during a well-deserved vacation.

Tasks and services ranging from delegating the approver-role to someone you trust, approve vacations and travel-expenses, managing orders of equipment and tools with cost control – it can all be done from one place!

Employee benefits

Office delivery services

Isn’t it time to ramp up the experience at work for your employees? By offering them all services connected to their work-life and your office in one place, it’s possible!

Automate tasks and send orders to external suppliers such as the bakery where you pick up all your Swedish fika or your favorite event delivery supplier, or why not automate the entire process of setting up a new office in another country? As long as you have your employees needs top-of-mind, we won’t stop you!   

Plugins supporting HR processes

Create own plugins, or choose from our selection. If you can’t find the right plugin for your needs, don’t be a stranger. Get in touch and we will find the right solution.



In collaboration with Assently, we've developed a plugin that makes it possible to sign a document from anywhere, on any device.


PDF Automator

Pre-populate a PDF document with AcroFields or vice versa, create a service that is based on a PDF file.


Person Lookup – SWE

Type in a person's Swedish social security number to auto-fill a form. Minimises the risk of misspelled names and keeps your data integrity in check.


Product Catalogue Sync

Enable your users to browse and order suppliers' products in Zervicepoint. We offer integrations with Cygate, Atea and Dustin.


Azure B2B

Let your co-workers onboard external users using Azure B2B collaboration. Control your invitation process through Zervicepoint.


Microsoft Office 365

Manage Office 365 licenses and ensure that they are assigned. It is conveniently useful when an account is created or modified in your existing user flows.

We’ve got more plugins in our library. See the full list!

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