Introduction to Power BI


This course is designed for you who have no prior experience with Power BI or Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI). We will cover how Power BI works and how to make it benefit your company or organization. You´ll learn about the modern BI and how Power BI is an integral part.

This course is ideal for everyone running a small business to large organizations who would like to grow their understanding regarding storytelling, Business Intelligence and data visualization. It’s for anyone wanting to tell their story and show their data in a visual appealing way.

As one of the leading BI-companies in the Nordics, Enfo Analytics will share our knowledge and experience with you. How-to-think and how-to-do, when you are analyzing your data. Together with Zervicepoint we will examine real life use cases and much more.

Prior knowledge

No prior knowledge in Power BI is needed. We recommend that you have experience with the Windows environment. Experience with excel is beneficial, but not required.

What will you learn?
  • What is Power BI and Self-Service?
  • Understand all the parts of the ecosystem around Power BI (e.g. Office 365, AD)
  • Visual literacy – why visualize?
  • Ingest and clean data (ETL) in Power BI
  • Create a Power BI report/dashboard
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls with visualizations
  • Data Culture – share and care!

Lunch & fikaare included in all our trainings

What do we offer with the training?

A meeting about 2 weeks after completed training for questions & assistance.

What do you need to bring to the training?

Computer with Windows 10 or macOS/Linux with Windows 10 VM. Power BI Desktop installed on your computer (free download).


Type – Classroom
Location – Gothenburg
Duration – 1 day
Language – Swedish
Level – 200
Price – 7 995kr

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We will need at least four participants for the training to take place

Service minded, social and driven BI consultant with experience in delivering several successful projects to some of Sweden’s biggest companies. A genuine interest in BI and visualization and to educate in the field


Christian Hansson

BI Consultant, Enfo

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