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Manage your enterprise resources with the new Project Online plugin

Built upon the power of the brand new .Net provider technology, we proudly present to you the latest addition to our Zervicepoint plugin family – the Project Online plugin!

The Project Online plugin makes it super easy to create project online resources, assign security groups, and even select an RBS code from your company’s resource breakdown structure. All within the power of your existing services and workflows.

It contains data sources for dropdown lists on your forms, webservices you can call from form field java scripts, and activities you can drag-and-drop into your workflows. A template service is included as well (see the picture above).

Installing and configuring the plugin is as simple as using it. All you have to do is adding the name of your tenant to the PWA site address in the configuration files, then create a credential in the Windows Credential Store, and you’re up and running.


The Project Online plugin requires Zervicepoint 1.15.

The Office 365 plugin is required as well for user picker functionality.

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