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New features! Dec 6

We´ve spruced up our release process with some flashy feature videos, as we really like to be in the forefront of how we serve content to you in a delicate way. So, treat yourself delight, with some popcorn & soda and enjoy our newly released features!

The latest release contains some real good stuff and here we wrap some of them up as a pre-Christmas gift just for you.

Grouped Activities

Combine or reuse all your multiple processes and services in the Grouped Activity feature at the Admin App! A grouped activity can contain all of the different built-in activities as well as provider activities. The icing on the cake is created when you easily change any of the created components in your Grouped Activity and they automatically updates in other chosen Grouped Activities you have previously built.

Person Lookup – SE Plugin

Stream line your new hiring process with Zervicepoint and the new Person Lookup – SWE plugin. Enter a Swedish social security number and receive all names and the address information auto-filled in the form. Validate the number supplied, minimize the risk of misspelled names and keep your data integrity in check.

To see all the feature videos for this release you´ll find them at our Youtube Channel in the What´s New List’

If you like to dig deep we have of course the latest release notes

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