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New features! Nov 20

Key Authentication

It’s finally here! You no longer need ADFS for your ProvisioningSystem. Instead you can go to the Worker Authentication in your Admin Web and generate a key ✌️

Click here to know how you set it up!

Line Break

We have now made it possible to toggle line breaks in the form editor. Previously, if you wanted a line break in your form, you had to put a text block where you wanted to break the line. But no more! For those who are acquainted with the use of textblock’s to achieve line/row breaks can expect it to behave similarly 😄

Comment when publishing

You’re now able to place a comment when you’re publishing a service or process in the Admin Web. This feature is very useful when you want to keep track of the latest changes. So, feel free to use it! 🙏

If you like to dig deep you can of course read the latest release notes