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New partner: IT Software

This spring, a great new adventure started, and we are now continuing to broaden our horizons. With a product that gives organizations the opportunity to discover new ways to automate their workplaces, we have now access to a broader market. A market where we can answer to the needs of rapid changes, reduce costs and deliver a modern, safe and productive workplace.

– All relationships are unique and special in their own way. What we have found with IT Software is a common belief that nothing is impossible and the importance of building a value-based relationship. We both took the time to curiously find out what we believe in and what we want to achieve – which I think is what will make a difference, says Rickard Lööf, CEO, Zervicepoint.

IT Software, on the other hand, breathes ESM – Enterprise Service Management. Basically, ESM is about collaboration, which means working together with different service departments such as IT, Facility or HR. Service departments that are becoming more and more dependent on each other. Not only because of smart technology, but also high customer expectations. Our customers expect meeting rooms with intuitive technology that supports “bring-your-own-device” and a flawless on- and offboarding process.

– We see the collaboration with Zervicepoint as a natural step in broadening our service portfolio, as their product is the answer to many of the challenges that our existing customers face today, comments Christian Engarås, CEO, IT Software.

A big question to ask is; how many companies are prepared for the challenges of the future and dare to take the step towards modernizing their digital platforms? It will be important to be able to meet the new generation that demands that everything is digital.

– The digital experience in the workplace is becoming increasingly important. If not all tools are physically in place, then all the company’s processes must be digitized, Christian Engarås continues.

A big part of the digital experience is speed. We demand faster deliveries and do not have time to wait. It is also about removing unnecessarily tedious and recurring work. So that employees in B2B can focus more on value-creating and inspiring tasks, which in turn means personal development and that they can consider staying longer within the company. That should be a focus for all organizations – automate more and deliver a world-class digital experience.

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