Zervicepoint Update! | Redesign Admin Landing Page

Zerviepoint Update! is back! We are happy to announce that our admin web landing page has gotten a face lift. This improvement comes with multiple new features, like Most Time Efficient, Most Popular Services and Number Of Orders. For you who’s worried that the good ol’ audit feed is gone, we can tell you this; […]

Zervicepoint Update! | Grouped Activity

In this episode of Zervicepoint Update! we show a function that has been in the product since version 1.20. It is so useful and valuable that we need to highlight it once again! đŸ€˜đŸœ The function we are talking about is of course Grouped Activity. In short, this feature allows you to put together a […]

Our Team Contract

Courage We like to challenge each other and question decisions because we care about what we do and what we want to achieve. Our dialogue is always brave and open. We do this because we strive to always be better together. We let each other know if anything feels wrong, and nurture our own feelings […]