Week #22 | Back from summer vacation

It’s week 22 (right Anna?), the summer is over and we have an extremely exciting autumn ahead of us! But what is it really, that is so thrilling? In this episode, we talk about how our summer has been, the highlights of getting back to work, what fears we see in front of us and […]

Week #14 | Summer is here

It has been a few months since we started our new adventure, and now we get to take a long-awaited vacation. In this episode, Rickard, Johan and Anna talk about what we have done these first 14 weeks as our own company, what we have learned so far and whether we will do something different […]

Week #13 | From sound designer to software developer

Have you ever considered completely changing tracks, compared to what you are doing today? Do you have dreams of trying to work with something else, but you don’t really dare to take the step? Then, you’re not alone! In this episode we’re visited by one of our own – Björn Bergqvist Wingren. He’s one of […]

Week #12 | Erik is in da house

The life of Team Zervicepoint continues and new exciting things are constantly happening. And speaking of exciting things, in this episode we’re visited by one of our wonderful colleagues, Erik Oresten. We’re talking about everything from leadership in a re-organized environment, to volcanoes and minerals, which is one of Erik’s great interests. So, the only […]

Week #11 | The Soap Bubble Organzation

What is a Soap Bubble Organization, really? And what happens if the bubble bursts? 🤔 In this episode, we are visited by none other than Anders Eriksson from Tiqque. Anders is a dedicated person with long experience in both sales and marketing. He has a very interesting view on how these areas should be run […]

Week #9 | Value-driven ecosystem

Is it actually possible to build not only a value-driven company, but also a value-driven ecosystem with customers and partners? Of course it is. In this episode we’re talking about what to think about in the process and the value of doing it. We also had a party recently, and not any party, but a […]

Week #7 | New opportunities, new friends

We are really happy and proud to present our first guest – Johan Berggren from FoF Family Office 🍾 💥 In this episode, you will hear Johan’s amazing tips on how to actually run and develop a company. With his 20 years of experience in running his own business, he exhibits a side of both […]

Week #6 | Do what you love

Do you love what you’re doing? Do you love your work? In this week’s episode we’re discussing work being something you love, or something you do to be able to do the things you actually love.  Confusing? Not at all 😉 We’re at the moment creating our own team contract, which is an ongoing process. […]

Week #4 | Animals and values

In this week’s episode we’re talking about the highs and lows from the past week in Team Zervicepoint. We’re also digging into how to create a value driven company. And that’s not all. We’re trying to release the elephants in a safe way and Anna is comparing herself with a lonely parrot. Yeah, what’s that […]