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Build a Modern & Productive Workplace

Start your automation journey today and experience the power of streamlined processes and a frictionless workplace. Our business automation solutions are designed to support your team, boost productivity, and drive efficiency.

Our platform

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Integrate towards any API-based system. Create automated services using pre-made or custom integrations. The integrations are built using either Powershell, which is the native scripting language used, or with .NET.

Zervicepoint is customized to enable organizations to move quickly. The platform increases the speed of delivering requests and changes, improves organizational compliance, and reduces costs while creating a modern, secure and productive workplace.

It’s easy to get creative. Start sketching out your new services using drag-and-drop. Create smart and user-friendly forms instantly. Use example services, plugins and tutorials to get up to speed quickly. Service developers  can conveniently re-use components.

Increase quality and control of your organization’s data and information flows. With Zervicepoint, you can keep track of the data, so it is always up to date. Integrate it with other systems to push and pull important information that is useful for your end-users.

Zervicepoint is a responsive and modern web-based application that consolidates all business processes into one single place. It can be used on any device, wherever you are in the world.

Zervicepoint is flexible and has many areas of use. To allow your environment to evolve seamlessly over time, on-premise, hybrid, and cloud are available for you. All options are highly secure.

A set of plugins are provided by team Zervicepoint and hundreds of custom integrations to other systems (e.g. HR, IT and Finance) are made by our customers.

Multiple languages are supported – Zervicepoint ships with translations for Swedish and English, but more languages can be translated and enabled if needed.

Areas of use

Discover how our cutting-edge technology can revolutionize your operations and give your business a competitive edge.

Company marketplace

Use Zervicepoint as a modern E-comerce store. Present your services to customers or your employees in a delightful way. Make it simple and pleasant for your peers to use automation and experience increased productivity.
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Put your users in charge of handling resources, orders, and requests. Create self-service and automate business processes throughout your organization. Interacting with the Zervicepointportal is an enjoyable experience.
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Achieve a better work environment for your heroes at Service Desk. Keep track of your SLAs, requests, and tickets. Follow the issues along the way to a final resolved status using automated tasks, role delegations, and more.
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