Speed up business processes​

Create self-service

Free your employees from monotonous tasks. Let them prioritise value creation instead! Create self-service and automate business processes throughout your organisation.

Create automated services using pre-made or custom integrations. Automation, being our DNA, is the key to generating a workplace that is downright friction-free. Welcome to your new auto-magic world!


A modern, web-based application that consolidates all business processes to one single place. It’s intuitive and it keeps the user up to date from anywhere. 

A process can be started just by sending a form within a service. Zervicepoint forms leverage smartness, such as distributing information from other systems and using input requirements. The result guarantees quality and saves loads of time.

Flexible platform

Zervicepoint can be deployed as you wish and abides to regulatory requirements. To allow your environment to evolve seamlessly over time, on-premise, hybrid and cloud are available for you. All options are of course highly secure.


Enable automation and integrate towards any API-based system

A set of plugins are provided by team Zervicepoint and hundreds of custom integrations to other systems (e.g. HR, IT and Finance) are made by our customers. The integrations are built using either Powershell, which is the native scripting language used, or with .NET


It’s easy to get creative. Instantly start building new services using drag-and-drop. Create smart and user-friendly forms in no time. Use example services, plugins and tutorials to get up to speed quickly. Service developers  conveniently re-use components!

Unite your team

Self-service and automation connects and invites previously unlinked departments to collaborate.

Map and visualise business processes together with stakeholders within your organisation. When the look-and-feel and the process is ready, process developers can start creating automated services. In turn process developers become equipped to accomplish your larger digitalisation goals.

Customer story

Perstorp's big automation win

Perstorp Group transformed their working lives by automating commonly used business processes throughout their organisation.


Our plugins continuously evolve to satisfy our customers’ needs. Anything missing? Send us a feature request!

Active Directory

This plugin makes work life easier for the IT department. You will be able to manage users and computers in a more convenient and quality assured way.

Azure B2B

Let your co-workers onboard external users using Azure B2B collaboration. Control your invitation process through Zervicepoint.

Azure Resource Manager

Enable automation from Virtual Machine resource management and create many different services.


In collaboration with Assently, we've developed a plugin that makes it possible to sign a document from anywhere, on any device.


Create automated services connected to Exchange like Enable/disable Mailbox, New/Remove Shared Mailbox , etc.

Files & Folders

Use this plugin to efficiently set permissions on files and folders.

Microsoft SCSM

Report incidents and create service requests directly from their mobile phones or desktop computers.

Microsoft Project Online

The Project Online plugin makes it super easy to create your next project's various online resources.


Microsoft Office 365

Manage Office 365 licenses and ensure that they are assigned. It is conveniently useful when an account is created or modified in your existing user flows.

Microsoft SCCM Application

Simplifies creating, removing, and deploying computers and software in your organisation in a standardized and automated way.


Automatically list tables, views, and stored procedures from your databases into Zervicepoint workflow activities and data sources.

Person Lookup – SWE

Type in a person's Swedish social security number to auto-fill a form. Minimises the risk of misspelled names and keeps your data integrity in check.

PDF Automator

Pre-populate a PDF document with AcroFields or vice versa, create a service that is based on a PDF file.

Product Catalogue Sync

Enable your users to browse and order suppliers' products in Zervicepoint. We offer integrations with Cygate, Atea and Dustin.


The SCCM Plugin enables the creation of services that simplifies creating, removing, and deploying computers and software.


Enables integration between Zervicepoint and ServiceNow, making it possible for you to draw on the strengths of both platforms.

Skype for Business

Enable Skype Chat and Skype Calls for your users by using our activities in your workflows.

Time Zone and Culture

Read the attributes language, time zone, country, input language and UI language from Zervicepoint.

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