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Why should you provide for a DIY experience?

Today, employee experience has become as important as customer experience, if you want to be a competitive employer. Why is it important to provide for a DIY experience in everything from your service and products to your customers, to what you actually offer your employees? What are the biggest pitfalls and how can you avoid them? Take a break and let’s dig in! 

Why is this important for us as an organization and an employer?

There is, unfortunately, a huge difference between me as a consumer, and me as an employee. At home, I’m offered magical services that are so easy to sign up for, and at work, I am struggling to just get some stuff ordered. This is now changing, and we are already starting to demand the same level of service at work. If you don’t address this as an employer you will not stay competitive in regards to other companies, and your employees will leave you for others.

It’s time to start thinking about the employee experience as much as you do with the customer experience. Work with your organization in the same way you are working with your customers.

What do we want?

So, if we want the same thing at work as at home, what is that? We want services in our own personalized way, access them when we need them, and we also want to do it in our own way. Basically, we want the power to do it ourselves. That is what we call D I Y – Do It Yourself.

So what is DIY in real-life? Check out our VLOG for some practical examples.

A lot of that comes down to that you need to bring DIY to every routine, process, service, and department (HR, Finance, Marketing) in your organization. It’s no longer only affecting your products or services to your customers, it also needs to be addressed in what you actually offer your employees.

What is one of the biggest pitfalls? 

To be able to provide for a DIY experience, you need to understand where the person is, what he or she feels and wants, and from that perspective create it. You need to walk in their shoes. It is not a logistical exercise where you run through all processes, benefits, etc, and expects everyone to use it – it is a pedagogical journey.

It is a pedagogical journey, not a logistic one, to bring DIY to your employee experience.

Sounds difficult? Don’t worry, yet! Unfortunately, in this world today, many organizations struggle in providing a seamless digital service for us as employees. So, if you want to stay competitive as an employer, you have a chance to stand out. Now is your chance to take action. Walk the talk on “we put our people first” or “a workplace to love”. Time to invest in your employee experience as much as you do in your customer experience.

What do you think about this? How do you prioritize and work with your employee experience in regards to your customer experience in your organization?

Connect with us and let us know what your thoughts are, and as always we love feedback, in any form.

Think big, continuously act small and aim to be awesome.