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Södra’s employee experience

Södra is Sweden’s largest forest-owner association, with 51,000 forest owners as its members. Södra is also an international forest industry Group, with operations based on processing its members’ forest products. The operations are based on responsible forestry and on industries where Södra convert the raw material into sawn timber, paper and dissolving pulp, and green energy. With its size of 3500 employees and to secure growth, automating business processes throughout their organisation is crucial to develop their operations for the future. This is their business automation story.

The pains

Södra were struggling to provide a seamless employee experience across their operations with many manual transactions, long lead times in handling different tasks and lack of data quality. Even if policies were written and implemented, many of the employees resolved their tasks ‘in their own way’. As a result, they couldn’t deliver their different operation processes completely tailored and relevant and new employees was not up and running as fast as expected. They needed a way to connect their digital processes and presence to their real-world interactions with their employees.

The solution

The Zervicepoint platform allows Södra to merge its digital processes and to automate them when needed, no matter if they come from HR, IT, Marketing or Finance. Thanks to Södra´s decisions to collaborate between departments where Maria Magnesjö, Director of HR Service Center, Marie Vorrei, Manager HR Services and Hans Falk, Automation and Robotics Manager are the driving force to make it happen, they now interact in a common tool. To automate and provide services in Zervicepoint from employment contracts to user accounts, permissions, order IT equipment and to make it available for managers to approve tasks long before the new employee has started, enables for the new employee to be up and running in minutes rather than days.

The gains

Zervicepoint makes it possible for all employees at Södra, no matter where they are based geographically to access all services 24/7 on any device. Zervicepoint is is always open, which as a result brought content and more productive employees!

Some of the successful services Södra has implemented in their organisation are: