The automated employee onboarding process – Södra skogsägarna

The company Södra skogsägarna struggled with time-consuming onboarding processes for new employees. With Zervicepoint’s automated platform they simplified their processes and saved both time and money!

The automated On-boarding process

Södra Skogsägarna with around 3500 employees and a growth of the organisation which isn’t decreasing, hiring a new person is not always easy and it may take more than a little while to get all the papers done.

Before Zervicepoint (BZ) the colleagues at Södra Skogsägarna’s HR department struggled with the paperwork before the start date of a new employee. “In which mailbox should I put this information?”, “Who is the manager of this employee?”, “Is this a new employment or a re-employment?” All these questions were a daily struggle and didn´t ease the work of getting the new employee to feel welcome in the family of Södra Skogsägarna.

With Zervicepoint’s automated processes it is possible to simplify the on-boarding process by using our clean interface and smooth workflow. Zervicepoint also makes it possible to integrate with Södras existing HR-system called HR Plus. With this benefit the colleagues at the HR department don’t have to keep track on all the different systems that the organisation uses.

By automating the on-boarding process into a Zervicepoint self-on-boarding service sets your HR department free from spreadsheets and will become more effective and efficient. You give not only yourself as an IT administrator but everyone who is involved in the on-boarding process an opportunity to concentrate on more important things. It will free up much more time for the passion of your organisation by helping people doing their work better and easier.