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The forgotten ingredient in creating a competitive company in 2019

Company success comes down to the employees, us as humans. Today it’s the buyers market (for us employees) when it comes to the job market. Probably every organization has a “must-win battle” or a “key target” to keep the best and get the best. In a high demand market, where all employers are looking for the most talented people, how do you stand out from all other employers?

Every organization competes with more benefits, all from paying for gym, or having your own barrista at work. In this “fight” over the best (or right) talent, I believe many disregard the power of providing a friction free workday. Imagine yourself working at a place where everything runs smoothly. Nothing stands in your way of doing your job, doing what you are best at and what you hopefully love to do. How much would you trade in from your other benefits to actually get a hazzle free workday?

Providing a friction free workday has become a competitive advantage for you as an employer, where we are treated as humans not as “human resources”. In this world today so many organizations struggle in providing a seamless digital service for us as employees, that makes us feel more like humans than machines. There is, unfortunately, a huge difference between me as a consumer, and me as an employee. At home I’m offered magical services that are so easy to sign up to, at work I have to really struggle to just get some stuff ordered.

So, if you value your employees you need to invest in your employee experience as much as you do in your customer experience. It’s time to make action out of all the talk on “we put our people first” or “a workplace to love”.

What do you think about this? Is employee experience as important as customer experience? And how do you handle this in your organization? Check out our previous blog/vlog where we talked about the individual’s perspective (VLOG #2). Connect with us and let us know what your thoughts are.

In the end of the day, we are just a team who wants to change the world to a better place, where people are little bit happier, by creating a friction free workday.

Think big, continuously act small and aim to be awesome.