Transforming HR through self-service

Södra skogsägarna’s human resource department (HR) receives requests and bookings from their 3500 employees, which today is time-consuming due to manual work. Zervicepoint’s self-service portal makes it possible to integrate with Södra’s existent HR systems. Therefore, the process could be automated and Södra’s HR department can now spend their time on something more important.

The Cottage booking service.

Södra Skogsägarna providing 15 cottages around Sweden, which are all available for their 3500 employees. They serve as a personnel benefit to relax a little bit off work and enjoy their lives while on holidays.

Before zervicepoint (BZ) the HR colleagues at Södra received requests and bookings, verbally or by e-mail and to then find the right date, place, cottage, size, confirm the booking etc. was all made by hand every time a new booking was received. You can probably figure out the amount of time and effort it took to close only one booking and then you can add around about 3500 more requests to that.

So, by decreasing the administrative and manual work for the Human Resource department where the Cottage Service was developed, both end-users and administration now use one place to book and recieve bookings for cottage bookings. HR is also able to announce changes in the personnel benefit service and market their services throughout the organisation. Sometimes the pain is as obvious as this one, but still we don´t make the necessary changes to make our work-life more pleasant. To make a small change in your daily process and automate them with zervicepoint can make a BIG difference for yourself and your co-workers.

How to start with a self-service portal?