The secret ingredient in succeeding in digitalization

We need leadership that understands the importance of the pedagogical journey you have to do to lead a person from today to tomorrow. So even if it’s a technical revolution, if you want to be great at digitalization, you need to be good at transformation and in return leadership.

We are mislead in digitalization to focus on the technology instead of the value it brings, focus on the processes instead of the people, and we all to often miss out on how it actually affects people in everyday life. We focus on the things, and not on the people.

Digitalization is in its’ foundation about transformation, and in big shifts we need more than technology, we need leadership. You can digitize all you want, but if you haven’t changed the behaviour of the person, you haven’t changed anything at all.

We need leadership that understands the importance of the pedagogical journey you have to do to lead a person from today to tomorrow.

So, what is the secret ingredient? The secret ingredient is YOU.

You need to realize that you have to be a leader, and you need to change before you can change anyone else.

If you are working with digitalization you realize that you need to be:

  • …more of a teacher, than a sales person
  • …more of a coach, than a service delivery manager or project manager
  • …more of a mentor, than a manager

So ask yourself: Where is the leader in you?

Everyone advocating for digitalization should ask themselves – am I a good leader? Do I know how to meet a person where she is? Can I guide her to another place? Do I actually care about the person?

So it’s time to step up. Will you change, and lead, or will you continue to only bring new digitilized stuff to the table that we should consume? Will you do it the hard way and invest time in truly affecting people, when good enough and playing it safe is paying well enough?

What do you think about this? What do you believe is the secret ingredient in digitalization?

Connect with me and let me know what your thoughts are, and as always, I love feedback in any form.

Think big, continuously act small and aim to be awesome.


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