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Top 7 in Business Automation. Go from ouch to outstanding!

This blog series aims to give you practical insights on how you and your organization can go from Ouch to Outstanding in business automation.

Everything seems to go faster and technology breakthroughs appear to be an everyday thing. Innovations such as 3D-printing, AI, machine learning, big data, cloud, self-driving cars and robots is more or less already part of our everyday life. We live in an era where the digital evolution acts as if it were on steroids.

It’s in this context and world we try to bring some order in the chaos and making organizations more efficient with Zervicepoint. In our journey to make organizations more capable and productive, we have observed seven areas, which you should consider a little extra, if you want to go from Ouch to Outstanding in business automation.

7 – It’s all about Automation

For the next decades, it will be all about automation if you want to stay ahead and run a competitive business. Automation is the big thing that will affect common business tasks tremendously. Classic departments such as HR, finance and IT will have to re-invent themselves to find out what they will do when more than half of their time spent will be automated.

6 – Use systems as intended

The one system to rule them all is long gone. Choose a multi-system approach and consider where the systems are performing at its best. Just as you want to do with people, find the right person with the right attitude and the right set of skills that is a great team player.

5 – Get your priorities straight, automate

Before you start automating all your tasks, understand and map out what areas are most utilized and in need of automation. Areas used by many and often triggered is the starting point for all automation, and not necessarily where a few loud people scream most about.

4 – Think big, act small and continuously improve

It’s so easy to get all caught up in big automation projects, that you tend to forget the everyday work which could be automated. Consider the things that actually affect the people, not only your business. Start small and improve from there. Big bang is usually not a recipe for success and takes too long to launch in this fast pace world.

3 – We as end users have the power

Long gone are the days where you as a business can enforce a system on people. Meaning it is no longer a logistical journey to introduce new ways of working, it is much more a pedagogical one.

2 – DIY

When we as end users or humans have the power, what do we want? We want to do it ourselves = DIY. It does not mean that we want to do it ourselves every time, but we like the possibility to do it. We like the service and freedom of having the possibility to, hence utilize self-service as much as possible whenever possible.

1 – Co-creation and cooperation

Automation rarely reaches it full potential, when created in just one area of an organization. If you are looking for value out of the ordinary, bring different people from different departments together, and add several flavours to your automation journey. So, start by inviting your HR manager, your chief of marketing and your CIO to the same room and begin the co-creation.

This is the top 7! Follow the series for an in-depth post about each area or check out our latest video where you can learn about the different steps.

Be awesome!

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