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Visma Spcs automates for their employees

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when improving the user experience for your employees? The answer is to keep a close eye on their internal processes. This is what Visma Spcs have done, which in turn simplifies everyday life for its employees.

Together we become strong. With that phrase, Visma Spcs is clear with who they are and what they want to achieve. They are a customer-focused company where they always put people first. Only when their customers succeed, so they do. Is it a mindset we should all have? To always focus on the human being, to be able to deliver value in the best way? Maybe it’s so, especially if it makes us stronger together.

It is probably why most small business owners in Sweden choose Visma Spcs for their accounting, invoicing, and payroll management. Customers are satisfied and make Visma Spcs more motivated to develop even smarter and safer products and services.

We live in a time where digitalization is going so fast that Usain Bolt’s world record of 100 meters can be compared to a turtle leaning forward with lead boots on his feet. If development is going so fast, why do we not expect more from our workplace – purely digital? I mean, outside working hours, our newly ordered Chunky Sneakers are expected to be delivered no later than tomorrow. Everything else is unacceptable. Why do we not have similar expectations in the workplace?

“It’s easy to automate flows in Zervicepoint, as long as you know what the underlying process looks like.”

Carl-Fredrik Lund, Senior Technical Engineer 

At Visma Spcs, they have run with the ball and understood that they face several challenges in their digitalization journey by making the user experience for their employees as good as for their customers. When talking to Carl-Fredrik Lund, Senior Technical Engineer at Visma Spcs, it is clear that the difficulties do not lie in digitizing and automating, but in knowing the underlying internal processes. As long as processes are mapped, the execution is only a stone’s throw away.

That is why Visma Spcs has put together an automation and digitization team, dedicated to using Zervicepoint to make the working days friction-free for the team themselves and the rest of the organization. After just a few months, they have automated 17 different processes and Daniel Magnusson, Desktop Engineer at Visma Spcs, says that users around the organization have already expressed how easy it has become to find what they are looking for. An example Daniel tells about is how their users previously could not follow an order or application from start to finnis, which they can now without problems by clearly visualizing the flow in Zervicepoint.

Vismas top 5 automated processes

1. New Employment/ onboarding

Visma Spcs has for a long time been struggling with a long and complicated onboarding process where many different people are involved. With Zervicepoint, they have now automated the process with a single form for the user to fill out and press submit – the rest is done automatically back end.

2. Order phones

Via the Product Catalog Sync plugin, Visma Spcs integrates directly with ATEA. It automates the entire ordering process of phones to the employees as it can select a phone and have it sent to its workplace with just a few keystrokes.

3. Order a computer

A new employee who needs a new computer and accessories? No problem. Visma Spcs has also automated this process where both the manager and the new employee have the opportunity to choose which computer to order – with approval from the manager of course. At the same time, they are working on an even more automated flow with integration directly with Dell, which in turn creates automagi.

4. Leave application

Holidays, parental leave, study leave, VAB – yes, the list is long. With Zervicepoint, Visma Spcs has chosen to build all this into a single form. Discard the papers and save trees!

5. Order headphones

As the process for ordering phones, they use the Product Catalog Sync plugin to order headphones. By simplifying the ordering of hardware, it is obvious that Visma Spcs is investing in an automated and friction-free everyday life for its employees.

For Visma Spcs, the automation sun is currently high in the south and shining on large parts of the organization – but there is still shade. What’s in the way? According to Carl-Fredrik and Daniel, the challenge is to reach out to the rest of the company and the focus is presently on HR. They want to continue to develop and refine their onboarding process and then automate their offboarding, which is at least as time-consuming. Maybe it’s the automation sun that will make them even stronger together?