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What automated order processing did for Länsstyrelsen

Länsstyrelsen is a large organization where there are a lot of meetings. Meetings in Sweden require lot of treats – ‘fika’. With help from automation in Zervicepoint, ordering fika to survive a meeting is no longer a problem.

The ‘fika service’

Länsstyrelsen is the governments representative in each county in Sweden. A large and distributed organization with lots of meetings, and with a lot of meetings comes a lot of fika.

Before Zervicepoint (BZ) the ordering of fika for a meeting was a hassle and the pain was substantial. Where do I order? How do I order? What can I order? Can I get it delivered? Where do I pick it up? Who should it be billed to? The questions were endless…

With the help of automation in Zervicepoint, ordering fika for a meeting is no longer a problem. By selecting the time of the meeting the user gets suggestions on suitable “fika bread” for the meeting. The order is sent directly to the local bakery with all the necessary billing information and the fika is delivered directly to the meeting room in time for the meeting. As the old saying goes: No successful meeting without a Swedish Fika.

Now all you have to worry about is bringing your A-game to the meeting.

Sometimes the workflows that causes a lot of pain are not part of the core business and are therefore missed when business processes are analysed and streamlined. Get your priorities straight – Automate.