Business process automation platform - Flexible and powerful

Flexible and powerful are two of the words our clients use to describe our business process automation platform. If you experience processes that are a time waste, include lack of quality data or other system related frustrations, Zervicepoint can automate your problems away. So you can concentrate on what really matters for your business – making your working life pleasant and more friction free.

Ouch! This really hurts. Play

Is this your

true pains?

  • lack of data quality lack of data quality
    Lisa, Mark and Agneta all uses their own excel files
  • manual process mayhem manual process mayhem
    The kitchen fridge is where communication happens
  • Information overflow Information overflow
    Agneta don´t even remember what to look for and where!
  • Time Waste Time Waste
    Anders spend 2 hrs a week ordering fika for his team
  • No time for innovation No time for innovation
    Glenn is stressed over lack of innovation in his team
  • Get your priorities straight.
    Automate them away!


Three awesome reasons why you should choose Zervicepoint

Get your time to market up to speed
Get your time to market up to speed

Concentrate on your core business and time to market and let Zervicepoint take care of the meanless manual work by automating your commonly used business processes.

Regain quality
Regain quality

Increase quality and control of your organizations data and information flows. Zervicepoint keeps track of the data so it is always up to date and integrate with other systems to push and pull important information useful for the end-users.

Reclaim your work-day
Reclaim your work-day

Make it simple and pleasant for your peers to use automation and increase the productivity and time for innovation. In Zervicepoints UI the end-user is the Super Hero and is developed with functionality and design always in mind.

Perstorp Group put care into chemicals

Perstorp IT has automated over 200 processes in order to become a modern and available IT-service. The implementation of Zervicepoint, called “+Portal” in Perstorp, has decreased the pressure on Service Desk and cut personnel costs by two full time positions. Now employees, in IT and in the entire organization, have reclaimed their work-day and can focus on developing Perstorp into a successful company.

"So far, we have saved two full time positions with automated self-service."


Agneta Hedström

Service Desk Manager, Perstorp IT

Active Partner

Collaboration is key to success

To start off your business automation journey it is important to know what your goal is and how to get there. With our experience to automate processes and make it more pleasant for many organizations in their work-life around the world, we´d like to help you out to create the most valuable start.

By offering different kinds of training sessions and workshops throughout the journey you will be up and running in an instant.

The journey Play

Press play and

enjoy the ride!

Start your journey towards business automation magic!

  • Strategic Design Strategic Design
    Develop your strategy, set goals and a roadmap.
  • The Quick Release The Quick Release
    Zervicepoint training, installation and start-off services deployed.
  • Service Discovery Service Discovery
    Discover your pains and prioritize
  • Service Design Service Design
    Create productive workflows from your processes.
  • Build and Deploy Build and Deploy
    Build and Deploy your services to end-users.
  • Zervicepoint release party! Zervicepoint release party!
    Tell the world about your newly built services.
  • Support Support
    Choose the level of support for your needs.
  • You are all set!

Our Offerings

We have listed some of our services we recommend in order to ease your journey towards a better digitized work place. For a full description of our offerings, or if you would like us to listen to your specific needs fill our the form at the end of this page. We would love to meet for a discovery meeting and tell you more about how we together meet your goals to become a better digital workplace.

Strategic Design Workshops

Strategic Design

Strategic Design Workshops

1-2 times per year we detect pains and gains on a strategic level of self-service and automation in your organization.

The Quick Release offer

Quick Release

The Quick Release offer

This offer contains a basic training session to Zervicepoint, an on- premise installation in your IT environment with the right conditions and 3 start-off services deployed in Zervicepoint for your users.

Service Discovery Coach

Service Discovery

Service Discovery Coach

Our coaches guides you through detected prioritized services to your end users. This work can be done in multiple iterations throughout your plan of implementing self-service and business automation. You decide the pace and we will proactively suggest the timeframe.

Service Design Workshops

Service Design

Service Design Workshops

Map out the processes of the best valued services from your prioritized pains. Learn the Service design basics from our coaches or let us do the heavy work. We will dig deep into your organisational processes to get the maximum effect and suit the digital automation.

Build and Deploy Services

Build and Deploy

Build and Deploy Services

Learn and be coached through the build and implementation phase of services in the Zervicepoint portal. Through pair programming or if you want us to do the work for you we will implement your best valued services, ready to be launched to your endusers.

Zervicepoint release party

Release the Zervicepoint portal

Zervicepoint release party

Once the portal is filled with valuable services to your endusers you have to tell the world! By bringing out the delicate message to your colleagues with our communication coach not only you will be the hero, but you all will!

We support you


We support you

Once up and running you can add different flavors of support to suit your specific needs. Contact us for a full description of the different service levels of support we offer you as a customer.

Fill out the form, if you want to know more about our offerings and how we can help you get a friction free work day.