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Zervicepoint 1.16 and new Plugins!

Ladies and Gents we have news. Lighten up the gloomy winter days with some fresh features in Zervicepoint 1.16 as well as two brand new Plugins and three freshly updated!

Support for file attachments in the Send E-mail activity

In this release of Zervicepoint it is now possible to include file attachments in the Send e-mail activity.

Timeout for manual tasks

Also added is an option to the Task activity which let you control if the Task should complete or not when it is due. New is also that when a task time out then the Task result will be updated to a new status “Timeout” which will allow you to build logic reacting to a task timeout.

Updates to the New UI

Work with the New UI is progressing and we have added quite a few new pieces to the experience. In particular, check out the new mobile menu! Want to check it out? Get an account to our Demo environment here: https://zervicepoint.com/testdrive

Or if you already have an account, try out the New UI here: https://demo.zervicepoint.com/preview/store

NEW Plugins

     The Catalogue Sync Plugin

Tired of spending time on manually creating services in Zervicepoint that is mirroring some external supplier’s product catalogue? And then having to keep them up to date? Let the Catalogue Sync plug-in handle these tasks for you instead, automatically syncing products from suppliers like Dustin, Atea and Cygate to make it possible for your users to browse and order directly from Zervicepoint. Everything in one place, get your priorities straight – Automate.


  • Syncing products from external suppliers
  • Supports FTP, Web service and File as data source for the import/sync (data format must be XML)
  • Highly customizable. Control, among other things…
    • How attributes are mapped. For example, which data attribute to map to the Cost property of the service in Zervicepoint
    • How services are mapped to pages
    • How services are mapped to processes
  • Choose to run sync operation from either a scheduled job or trigger it with a service from Zervicepoint
  • Includes a Zervicepoint activity to run a product catalog sync and also a picker that is used to select the configuration file to use, when running a sync operation

     The Skype for Business plugin

Is your company using Skype for business as your communication tool? Our new Skype for business Plugin make it really easy to enable Skype Chat and Skype Calls for your users by utilizing our activities in your workflows.

A few notable mentions and updates to existing plugins O365

  • New functionality to update an Office 365 mailbox
    • Set mailbox type (Shared,Room,Equipment)
    • Clutter
    • Single Item Recovery
    • Retain deleted Items
    • Quotas (Prohibit and warning)
    • Litigation Hold
  • Added functionality related to license management. Generated Excel spreadsheet with the selected licens users. Send out report to receivers of your choice

Exchange (onprem)

  • Mail Contact support
  • Hide mailboxes and remote mailboxes from the global address list
  • Move a mailbox to another database
  • New functionality to modify an Exchange mailbox

Active Directory

  • Added functionality to modify an Active Directory contact and rename an Active Directory object

Happy Automating!

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