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Zervicepoint 1.17 now released!

Rejoice! Work on the new user interface is now complete. In Zervicepoint 1.17 we have added the last pieces of functionality. Check out the revamped shopping cart, table pages and the novel Favorite services feature.

Zervicepoint 1.17

Favorite services

Having a hard time finding your most commonly used services? With the new favorite service feature shipping with this release of Zervicepoint, you can easily mark services as your favorites and they will turn up on the front page for quick access.

Searchable variable selector in the Service designer

Variable selectors are now searchable when selecting variables on workflow activities, such as the Assign activity and binding a variable to a form field.

Revamped shopping cart

The shopping cart is now also available in the new UI and has gotten a lift-up in design and usability.

Shopping cart in new UI

Multiple edit actions for tables

For those of you who want to build advanced table pages we have given you the ability to use multiple table actions. Perfect for administrative services. Available in both new and old UI.

Filter and sort in To-Do list

We are making it easier for you to find the task you are looking for by introducing filter and sort in the To-Do list.

Want to check out the new user experience? Sign-up for a demo in our Demo environment here: https://zervicepoint.com/testdrive

Or if you already have an account, try out the New UI at: https://demo.zervicepoint.com

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