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#zervicepointnews | April

Values and challenges of automating manual work for Visma Spcs

We had the honor to talk with Carl-Fredrik Lund and Daniel Magnusson from Visma Spcs about their experience of Zervicepoint and automation. For one hour, Erik had the opportunity to capture the very best from their organization’s perspective.

In the first part of this three-part series, Carl-Fredrik and Daniel is sharing their five most used Zervicepoint services at VISMA. In the next two episodes, they go deeper into their challenges in automation and talk more about what their onboarding process looks like.

Bug fixes for the people!

In the latest release of Zervicepoint, we focused on correcting some bugs that have been reported. It is now available to download and remember; always backup the Zervicepoint database before upgrading!

Welcome Linköpings Kommun and HelsingborgsHem! 👋🏽

We are incredibly proud and happy to say hello to two new customers and welcome them into the Zervicepoint family. These are customers who use Zervicepoint in different ways such as; automating new employment tasks and increase their service towards the organization, which shows our product’s strength in creating value and meeting needs in different ways.

Join our HR webinar together with IT Software (sv)

Is it possible to hire someone in 3 minutes? Of course it is!

Learn how to streamline your HR processes so you can concentrate on the fun work – developing your employees and your organization.

What will you achieve?

  • You’ll learn to automate the right processes. Automating all HR processes is usually not the solution.
  • We’ll teach you to figure out how to digitize and create a positive experience with the help of automation.
  • You’ll get to meet other HR managers at this free workshop, who you can use for valuable insights.

A conversation 'bout culture and innovation

We’ve had the honor to sit down with Joakim Restadh, board member of TIQQE, for a two hour long podcast session. This session became so interesting and exciting that we had to split it into two podcast episodes. 

If you’re interested in getting to know the key ingredients of building a sustainable culture and company, these two episodes are a must! Among other things we’re talking about what is required to build a sustainable organization, where employees choose to stay and where they can develop in an innovative environment? How can we make employees feel “this is the last company I will work for”? Joakim also shares his top 5 list of books worth reading.

In other news, he also shares why sneakers are the best to wear, why a pizza oven should be part of every household, and what it was like to work in “the dark side”.

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