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Automation Calculator

Zervicepoint’s purpose is to create a friction-free workday. Now, we’ve made it possible to quickly and easily find out how much your organization saves on automating your manual processes. 

All you have to do is choose which process you want to calculate, pull a couple of sliders based on which process you have chosen, and boom. You’ll get the answer in just a few seconds!

Click the button below to see how much your organization can save!

Say hello to Alexander Burman!

Here is our new Partner Manager. When we’re recruiting, we’re always looking for people with the thumbs up. So, check on that one! 👍🏽

Alex is based here in Gothenburg, Sweden. As our Partner Manager, he will be responsible for our partner network, ensure that they have what they need, and of course, bring in new fantastic partners to our eco-system.

At work, Alex loves to be able to work in an evolving environment with something he is passionate about. It’s a match! 🥳

Fun fact:
🥁 Alex has won a Swedish Championship gold medal in figurative marsch (we had to Google it too)

We are super happy to have Alex on board our automation journey, with the aim of giving our partners and customers a friction-free workday!

If you want to know more about us, follow the button below.

Zervicepoint REST API

This is a new feature from our latest release. The Zervicepoint REST API allows you to connect to your Zervicepoint store and perform virtually any job available in the traditional webs. It’s great for automating administrative tasks, generating reports, or placing orders.

With resource-oriented URLs, JSON-encoded request bodies and responses, standard HTTP response codes and Bearer (Key) as well as SAML (ADFS) token authentication, it’s predictable and easy to use.

And we use Swagger, so the documentation is built into your own Zervicepoint installation, available via a link in the Administration Web, and always up-to-date with your installed Zervicepoint version.

Redesign Admin Landing Page

Zerviepoint Update! is back! We are happy to announce that our admin web landing page has gotten a face lift. This improvement comes with multiple new features, like Most Time Efficient, Most Popular Service and Number Of Orders.

For you who’s worried that the good ol’ audit feed is gone, we can tell you this: We haven’t thrown it in the bin. It’s just reduced in size and if you want an indepth look, we’ve added a separate page for that. So, follow the button, press play and check out the rest of the features!

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