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#zervicepointnews | September

New partner: IT Software

This springa great new adventure started, and we are now continuing to broaden our horizons. With a product that gives organizations the opportunity to discover new ways to automate their workplaces, we have now access to a broader market. A market where we can answer to the needs of rapid changes, reduce costs and deliver a modern, safe and productive workplace.

We are incredibly proud and happy to team up with IT Software – a true customer centric IT company, and we have already now started to see great synergies in our businesses with a shared customer base 😎

Activity Feed & TO-DO

We have recently launched our new Activity feed and Todo user interface. With the aim to make the UI more user friendly we have swapped the list view with a table view. There are now two main filters “Ongoing” and “History” and the filters can be combined to show both your history and ongoing orders. You have also the possibility to sort the result on some of the columns in an ascending or descending order. On top of this, we have introduced new information in the Activity feed, the receiver and progress columns. If you do not wish a service to output the receiver name in Activity feed, you can simply toggle that setting off in the service editor. The progress bar is calculated based on previous run processes and will therefor only be visible after the first run of the service. Read more about this feature via the button below! 👊🏾

Copy/Paste – Laziness in its greatest form

When working in the form or workflow editor in a service, process or grouped activity, you can select one or more fields or activities by clicking in their headers (use Ctrl and/or Shift to select multiple) and then cut or copy them to the clipboard using either right-click to bring up a context menu, or using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl-X. You can then paste the content of the clipboard in a different place (using the context menu or Ctrl+V), or even in a different service/process/grouped activity. Click the button below to read more about this feature, or to download the latest version! 🤩

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We make continuous product updates and we always strive to keep you as up to date as possible. By subscribing to our YouTube channel you will always receive the latest and greatest – both product-related hands-on updates and inspiring organizational videos! So, follow the button below and check out our channel! ✨

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