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#zervicepointnews | December

Digital Zervicepoint Summit 2020

🚀 Zervicepoint Summit is over for this time! 🚀

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who chose to spend this afternoon with us. You are the one who enables us to continue to develop our product, and in that way help organizations around the world to automate and create friction-free workdays! 🙏🏽

For those of you who could not participate, but still are interested in what was said, there is of course a way to watch the event afterwards. Just check out the video above! ⭐️

This is an event that we organize annually and that we want to build together with our community of customers and partners. So, are you and your organization interested in participating in next year’s Zervicepoint Summit? Give us a call, send us an email or just write to us in the Community channel.

See you next year! 🍾

Zervicepoint Update! | Grouped Activity

Not that old, but gold! 🏅

In this episode of Zervicepoint Update! we show a function that has been in the product since version 1.20. It is so useful and valuable that we need to highlight it once again! 🤘🏽 The function we are talking about is of course Grouped Activity.

In short, this feature allows you to put together a sequence of different activities that act as an isolated part of the workflow, containing its own variables and activities. If you have not yet tested this feature, it’s time to do it now! 😎

#36 Code Cookie Of The Week | Printing a form

🍪 There are more Code Cookies in the oven! 🍪

The latest Code Cookie is kind of short and sweet. Erik is showing you how to print a form, using a Zervicepoint service. So, grab a bite and join him! 🥠

Do you, like Erik, think that the taste of Code Cookies never deteriorates? Awesome! Have some more via the button below.

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