Automated IT services

Enable your team to deliver valued services to co-workers, instead of spending time on outdated processes.

E-commerce ready

Create a company marketplace

Present your services to customers or your employees in a delightful way. People expect smooth experiences when they interact with IT services and marketplace apps. Why not provide it at work too?  At the same time, you’ll save time and money by automating your tasks backend. 

Solve the impossible equation of retaining super happy customers and employees on a minimum budget!

Service desk

Fix IT with pride

Use Zervicepoint as a light weight ITSM system. If you already are using other Service Management systems, you can easily integrate it to achieve a better work environment for your heroes at Service Desk. 

Keep track of your SLAs, requests and tickets. Follow the issues along the way, to a final resolved status using automated tasks, role delegations and more.


Equip your people with super powers

Present an overview of what is best suited for your employees to perform their outmost at work. In Zervicepoint, you are able to present and maintain every piece of equipment and credentials. 

Automate stuff like issuing new hardware and software or the management of access rights. Let your people save time and effort. Feel cool, calm and collected when you develop your cybersecurity program. Zervicepoint ensures every task is registered and checked.

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Try out and build your own awesome automated services!