Week #6 | Do what you love

Do you love what you’re doing? Do you love your work? In this week’s episode we’re discussing work being something you love, or something you do to be able to do the things you actually love.  Confusing? Not at all 😉

We’re at the moment creating our own team contract, which is an ongoing process. So we’re also talking about how to build a team contract and what we think is the most important. And of course, building a new company is not that easy so we’re expressing our frustration.

And, finding joy in the small things. Our first invoices have been sent out from Zervicepoint AB and our first monthly financial report is here!

So, have a listen and place a comment below about your thoughts of what’s most important in building a new company.

Quote of the week – “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”

Sociocracy S3 –

Team contract template –

5:1 rule – (Swedish)

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